Thursday, October 26, 2006


I almost burst into tears, when BRO. MISUARI emerged from his room..he looks older and humble now compared to our previous engagement in 2000, when we had a hated disagreement but, nwez, past is past i embraced him and did the tradtional kissing of muslims i had to hide my emotions i dont want to be noticed by the securities watching us..he invited us to a round table and made a short introduction, what struck me most is when he said that we should not be worried about him being jailed but rather reflect and be optimistic,"i'm just a symbol, i may be in a house arrest but actually the whole MORO nation is in a house arrest." our right to self-determination has been consistently denied by the phillipine colonialist government. he antcipates some of the questions that we might ask..he preempted the discussion, i snoop in attentively to every thing that he said..i can sense the frustration on his part, what happen to us (MNLF) is an accident but we have to be optimistic this is what god has willed there must be a reason out of this that might benifit the MORO nation..nwez i cannot write everything that he had discussed to us ,it might offend other people..TO BE CONTINUED..

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