Sunday, October 29, 2006

Poor Filipinos!

Earlier this month, my mentor told me that china plans to invade PH, i just laugh at it, China?? why? all this years i was led to believe that Uncle Sam (USA) is the one dictating over the affair of this country, but upon hearing that from a respected political scientist-it triggered my curiosity as usual, i did a lot of research and dig deeper, whoa! i was surpprised to know that china practically controls the economy of this poor country, come to think of it who are the top billionaires in the Phillipines? Lucio Tan, Henry Sy etc.- In china law all chinese where ever they are; are citizen of thier country. Surprisingly, this administration tried to move heaven and earth to pass the Mining act law, do you know who got the most contracts? chinese firms! Uncle sam should be mad, but they are not, ofcourse, Mining is not their interest (only the Oil in Mindanao) and besides US is the number one Trading partner of China.Am wondering is this administration trying to sell this country to the chinese? it is now topping the headlines that china will invest more investment to PH, china's largest power firm will bid for transco (part of privatization of NPC). PGMA is now in china she signed numerous Bilateral agreements, that includes joint exploration of spratlys island (what happen to the territorial integrity?) and just recently they introduced a new idea to include Phillipines in the "Golden Triangle" that would boast economic cooperation between Fujian Province(china) ,Taiwan (claimed by china as one of thier province) and Philippines (new province??).

Spain sold the Philippines to the yankees, Filipino leaders in the pre-inpendence sold these country to the americans to gain thier so-called independence( parity rights), don't be surprised if again this administration would do the same. let me share to you a secret do you know that it is China who is backing the anti-insurgency campaign against CPP-NPA a communist group,an irony right? and who is behind this group? Uncle Sam of course, thats why nowadays you hear many plots to oust gma, to pressure GMA to leave mindanao for the Americans. why do i care? i am a Moro, i only care for Mindanao! but i just realized that my heart not only bleed for the BM people but for the filipinos as well.

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