Saturday, September 22, 2012

Freedom of expression is not absolute

Freedom of expression is not absolute...
Right vs Right. From the premise of relativism of rights, I venture the view that the claim of some Government officials that the video showing Anti-Islamic propaganda cannot be curtailed on the ground of Freedom of Expression is weak, repugnant, illegal and immoral as well. As explained by Justice Isagani Cruz, freedom of expression is not absolute. It does not cover ideas offensive to public order or decency or the reputation of persons, which are all entitled to constitutional protection. He said that obscene and seditious words cannot be considered "a step to truth" and therefore will not enjoy immunity from prohibition and punishment. Now, tell me if such anti-islamic video is not offensive to public order, decency or reputation of persons as Muslims? Are they telling us that this freedom of expression principle can legitimize and make valid the immoral contents of this video? Are they suggesting that we are helpless just because a certain
lousy american named Sam Bacile is exercising his freedom of expression? Certainly, this cannot be done because exercise of such freedom of expression cannot institutionalize wrongdoings, fraud and immoral acts calculated only to destroy one's own religious belief.

Law of Constitution. Constitutional reading of our Bill of Rights, like freedom of expression, cannot be made by simply citing the number provision and read the same as if one is reading a forwarded text message. Laws are not known because they are written in books but because they are applied in the light of prevailing circumstances and conditions to achieve the real meaning of justice. Laws alone cannot be made a sole basis for a judgment. Facts and law must come together because it is the former that will give life and meaning to the latter. If we negate this principle, that is, we set aside the factual and lawful sentiments of our Muslim brothers just because of this right of freedom of expression, then definitely a situation will arise that a law is used as a license to perpetrate illegal and immoral acts. Certainly, this is not the law of our constitution. Stated differently, there is no law in this world, natural or legislative, that can be used as an instrument in perpetrating injustice to other people. Known is that a right ceases to be as such when it violates another's right.

Divine obligation. That this sharing is written not for the purpose of publication but to personally fulfill a divine obligation to defend our faith as Muslim Ummah and to show a simple thought of respect to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)... A prophet that is even willing to suffer the fire of hell solely for his Ummah. A sacrifice that even our parents could not make for us. A love that has no equal on earth...

Done this friday of September 2012.

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