Sunday, June 26, 2011


MARAWI CITY- More than 3,600 vehicles of various type joined the Caravan for Peace which was Organized by the Ranaw COnfederation for peace(RCP) last Saturday June 25, 2011, the highways connecting Marawi City and Iligan city to Lanao Norte to Malabang Lanao del sur, was the route of the said caravan. Vehicles with stickers,Tarpaulins and Flags which reads "Support the GPH-MILF peace talks and MILF COMPREHENSIVE COMPACT DRAFT" filled the road that caused heavy Traffic in the said Highways.

Participants boarding the vehicles that came from all walks of life of Moro communities braved the long and winding road and some even skip meals just to keep up with the caravan it took them 10hours of non-stop caravan. MUSA MAKABANGKIT chairman of SAKSI ISLAMIC RADIO FORUM and lead organizer estimates that more than 40,000 persons actually registered boarding the Vehicles not to Mention those Thousand of Moro spectators and bystander who welcomed them along the way waving Flags and Placards in Support of the said Caravan.

Abdul Sattar Sultan a MORO-OFW who just got home for his wedding was Amazed of what he saw: " I never thought that BANGSAMORO could be this United, this is Indeed a Historic event, this should serve as warning to the GPH to take the Negotiation with MILF seriously." he further warned that if the GPH-MILF peace talks fail then the BANGSAMORO people will rally behind MILF for whatever action they may be forced to do so.

Agakhan "BINLADEN" SHARIEF a Moro Activist appealed to the Filipino Nation to open up to the reality that a UNITARY state is no longer working, it will only hurt both the Filipino and the BANGSAMORO people.

The Ranao Confederation for peace also endorses the Idea of a Sub-state arrangement between the The GPH and a MORO state.

The GPH and the MILF is set to meet in Kuala Lumpur this 27,28 of this month.

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