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Gazi Anwar Pasha was from among those great Mujahideen (Islamic Warriors) of Turkey who had spent all his life fighting against the enemies of Islam. Eventually he was martyred by the Russian Bolsheviks. Only a day prior to his martyrdom. He sent a letter to his wife, Princess Najiya Sultana. This letter was published by her in the Turkish newspaper and after being translated, was published in the Newspapers in India on the 22nd of April 1923.

This letter was so touching and thought provoking that every young man or woman should read it. We present this translation for the benefit of our
Bangsa Moro Muslim readers.

" My life companion and my fountain of hapiness and joy"
Dearest Najiya,

The High and Almighty Allah is your Guardian. Your last letter is in front of me
at this moment, Believe me this letter of yours will always be held close to my heart.
I cannot see your face, But in between the lines and words of your letter, I can see your
beautiful fingers which used to play with my hair. In the dark interior of my tent occasionally
your pictures fills my eyes.

Alas! You write that I have frogotten you, And that I do not care for your love.

You say that I have broken your loving heart and I am playing with fire and blood
in a distant and forsaken place, and that I am unmindful of a woman who spends the nightsanxiously counting the stars. You also say that I like war, And that I love sword (GUN), But little did you realize that when writing that those words of yours which undoubtedly were written with sincerity and out of your deep love and devotion for me, will bleed my heart. How can iconvince you (for words are inadequate) that there is no dearer to me in this world than you.

You are the culmination of all my love and and affection. I have never loved anyone before,
For you are the only one who has stolen my heart. Then what has separated me from you. Oh! The joy of my heart! You can ask this question in a proper manner. Listen:

" I am not away from you because i desire material wealth or gains,nor is it because I wish to establish a kingdom or throne for myself as my enemies have publicly intimated. The only reason why am away from you is that Allah's obligatory command has brought me here (battlefield). There is no greater Fards (Compulsory Command) of ALLAH than JIHAD FI SABILILLAH (fighting with arms in the way of ALLAH ). It is this command of ALLAH, The mere mention of fulfilling it, entitlesa person a place of paradise. Alhamdulillah! I am not only have the intention to fulfill this command,But i am actively carrying it out in the battlefield. Your absence, Like arrows, is cutiing my heart into pieces every moment. Notwithsatnding this, I am happy in this separation as it is your truly love and your love alone which is the greatest test and and challenge to my intention and resolution to fight in the path of Allah. I thank ALLAH Ta'ala a thousand times that i have been victorious in this test and havehave been succesfull in putting ALLAH's love and Command before my love and the pleasure of my desire(nafs). You also my darling, must thank ALLAH and be happy that your husband possesses, such a strong IMAN (Faith) that he can even sacrifice your love for the love of ALLAH.

Although, Jihad with sword is not compulsory on you my loved, yet, you are not exempted
from it . No Muslim, Male or Female is exempted from Jihad.

Your Jihad is that, You must put ALLAH's love before your love and pleasure and you
must make the bond of love between your husband and your self stronger. Look! Never pray that your husband must come and safe from the battlefield into your loving arms. This
prayer is selfish, and ALLAH will not be pleased. Rather let your prayer be this: " That ALLAH accept the jihad of your husband and bring him back succesfully, otherwise let his lips imbibethe cup of martyrdom. These lips, you know my darling have never been touched or dirtied by alcohol, but have always been kept busy with reciting the holy Qur'an and hymning the glory and praises of ALLAH SUBHANAHU WATA'ALA.

Dearest Najiya, how blessed will that moment be, when in the path of ALLAH, this
head which affectionately called beautiful, will be separated from the body which in your eyes was not a soldiers's (enemy's) body but a beloved's beautiful body. Anwar's greatest desire is to be martyred and be judged on the day of Qiyamat (Judgement) with hadrat Khalid bin walid(peace be upon him.)

This world is a temporary one and death will definitely come. Then why fear death?
If death is definite, then why should a man die lying on a bed? Death in the path of ALLAH
is not death but indeed an everlasting life.

Najiya, listen to my will: if I am martyred, you must marry ny brother NOORI PASHA
After you, the dearest person to me is NOORI. It is my wish that after my demise he (NOORI) will faithfully care for you during your lifetime. My next wish is that, All the children you bear, tell them about my life, and send all of them to the battlefield of JIHAD for Islam and our country. Remember, If you do not fulfill this wish of mine I will be angry with you in Jannah (paradise). My third wasiat( will) is that you must always be faithful and well-wisher of Mustapha kamal Pasha (later on Mustapha became an infidel), and must help him in every posiible manner because in this time ALLAH choose him (Mustapha) to bring salvation to our country. Farewell, my dearest...I dont know why my inner feeling tells me that after this letter I will never be able to write another letter to you. It is no wonder that I may be martyred tommorow. Look! Be sabar (patient). on my death (martyrdom) in the path of ALLAH is an honor for you.

Najiya, I now beg leave of you and in the world of thought I am embracing you.
Insha Allah, we will met in Jannah and thereafter we will never part.

with love and tears,
Note: ( Gazi anwar Pasha was martyred the following day)

as shiek as shahid SALAMAT HASHIM
Late Chairman MILF

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