Friday, January 01, 2010


MARAWI CITY- "Work as a Nation, Think as a Nation and speak as a Nation, Let Us Rebuild a strong Moro Nation!" Urged by the participants of the "Multi sectoral consultation on the MILF-GRP Peace Process." December 24, 2009 held at Plaza Cabili, Islamic City of Marawi.

The Multi Sectoral consultation was organized by MORO ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT-RANAW REGION ADVOCACY GROUP chaired by AGAKAHAN "BINLADEN" SHARIEF a member of the MILF-GRP Local monitoring team.

" The Objective of this consultation is to keep our people informed on the updates of Peace process between the MILF and Government of the Republic of the Phillipines." says Agakhan Binladen Sharief.

An Estimated More than 8,000 participants Marched at Plaza Cabili to Attend the said consultation. "We were surprised at the Turn out of the number of people" says H. Achmad Lao one of the organizer and a member of the MILF Ceasefire Committee on Cessation of Hostilities(CCCH).

DR. HABIB MACAAYONG a member of the MILF TECHNICAL PANEL is the resource speaker of the said event. He discussed the status of the present MILF-GRP peace talks.

Macaayong gave emphasis on the need for UNITY among the MORO people to sutain our struggle "Our goal can only be realized if there is sustained Unity and massive support from the moro people" macaayong continued.

"We Welcome United kingdom,Turkey and Japan as members of the International contact Group" reads one of the streamer hanged at Plaza Cabili.

Also in attendance are representatives from the INTERNATIONAL NON-VIOLENCE PEACE FORCE (INVFP). an International NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION and member of the International Monitoring Team (IMT) based in the conflict affected areas of MIndanao.

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