Wednesday, November 15, 2006

oh my gully!

OH my gully! i can't believe this is happening, the aftermath of the november 7 mid-term election in US, is a big blow to the BUSH WAR POLICY IN THE MIDEAST. wonder what he is thinking right now? is he now conceding to the fact that he cannot win the war in Afghan and Iraq better pack up and leave MIDEASTand C.ASIA , go home yankees!

I want to puke(oops..sorry for that word)..

Anyways, my point is that BUSH already lost the war and they are looking for a graceful retreat in IRAQ, few days ago BUSH ally BLAIR is suggesting an option to talk to IRAN and SYRIA and the NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER of BUSH is lookin for a way to have an environment whereby IRAN and SYRIA will have a 180 degrees turn towrds them, meaning BUSH is now considering the diplomatic option, well its never too late..its just that damage has been inflicted, almost a millions lives has been wasted for such a stupid policy. it seems that every angle we will look into US never achieved thier goal..they thought it will increase thier revenue by controling the OIL in the ARAB states now it's working against them, they thought removing saddam they could install a puppet government in IRAQ not realizing that they simply hand it over to IRAN.

The AMerican people have spoken they dont like what thier government is doing in the MIDEAST.

I think BUSH should realize that they are no longer the LONE superpower.

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bmnhs said...

nakasakay ka ng motor na walang makina ah.